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o ya it was great... me and my best friend met up with andy and we all hung out and stuff. we went out and smoked (which was stupid cuz my mom and 13 yr old bro were at the mall, but we took our chances and didnt get caught).. anyway i barely ate anything at all yesterday yay!!! we even made cookies and i didnt eat those either and usually i eat like a lot.. but the point of this sad story is i drank so much water yesterday tht i gained so much wight and now i am heavier than ever god i hate my stupid metabolism... time for those pills huh....? i think so

help plz


im going to the malll 2dat so hopefully my mind will b off of food..but im going with my friend and whenever im around her i eat a shit ton so in other words im screwed but 2day im gonna do it cuz im starting my fast so if anyone wants 2 do it with me let me no


 k so i heard of these 2 pills tht speet up ur metabolism

1. 7-keto
2. pyruvate

i havent tried them so idk how or if they work but if anyone has tried one oof them let me no how it worked



 JESUS! can someone plz give me tips or advice or something ?
HW: 122 LBS
CW: 118 LBS

i rele like beig 98 and now im 118 and i gained it all so fast but lately all i can do is eat and gain weight it sux
i have a rele bad metabolism and i drink a lot and i dont pee and water pills dont work
i take 20 - 25 laxatives a night and i lose the weight and gain it back can someone plz help me and tell me how i can lose the weight fast 

and how do u make ur self throw up every time i try i cant it is stupid

    me at 98 lbs 
look at my profile pic thts how fat i am now

help plz

god can someone plz help me give advice anything

lately ive been eating sooo much and i cant stop and im exercizing and taking 20 or 25 laxatives a night and im not losing weight cuz i drink a lot and have a rele low matabolism plz help me

Question: y cant i make myself throwup? every time i try i cant 

advice would b great


August 2008

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